Why you Should Stay at a Luxury Resort in Bangkok


When travelling, one should always look for value, whether airfares, accommodation or dining; If we take a close look at accommodations available in Bangkok, you have guesthouses at the lower end, where uni students share a dormitory, then you have budget hotels and the global brands like Hilton and Marriott.

Luxury resorts in Bangkok

Bangkok has a few high-end resorts with prices comparable to budget hotels; when you stay in a luxury resort in Bangkok, it is an experience to remember. Spas and saunas are ready to pamper you, while the best Thai and international cuisine is served and the fully equipped fitness room allows you to keep that ripped body.

Special rates for long-term guests

If you are running a successful business, you could stay for a few months; what an experience that would be! Start with a Google search for ‘luxury spa resorts, Bangkok’ then browse websites until you see one you like and pay them a visit. Most are tucked away in a quiet area, surrounded by beautiful nature, adding to the serene ambience.

Sensuous spa

The Thais know how to massage and you can enjoy daily essential oil massage from a skilled masseuse, which is heaven. You work hard; therefore, you should treat yourself now and then and booking a long stay at a luxury spa resort is the best way to recharge your batteries.

Long weekends

These are the ideal times for a secluded getaway; arrive Friday evening and leave early on Monday and make sure you book well in advance, as top-tier spa resorts are quickly booked up for long weekends. Escape the hustle and bustle of Bangkok without leaving the city and there are many cool features and amenities to keep you engaged.

Pre-flight home

If you have been touring Thailand for a few months, you will be tired and rather than facing the flight home, you can book a few nights at a luxury spa resort near the airport. Then you arrive home fresh and relaxed, which makes the travelling a pleasant experience.

Spa treatments

Who can resist the treatments on offer at a top spa and resort? Affordable prices mean you can indulge on a daily basis, just call the receptionist and book your time.

We hope you are now convinced and will book a short stay at a luxury spa resort in Bangkok.