Things you must know before planning a trip to India


If you want to experience breathtakingly beautiful mountains, beach sceneries, diverse cultures, mesmerizing culinary delights, or spiritual ecstasy, India is a must on your travel bucket list. The vibes of this historic country are different from the rest of the world. Visiting the country will enrich and educate you a lot about different cultures, people, lifestyles, and ethnicity. There are more than 121 languages and 270 mother tongues spoken across the country. However, before you book the tickets and get ready to explore the magnificent country, here are some tips to help you with your travel preparations to India.

Do your research-

Despite being an amazing place to explore, India is a developing country, which means that you might experience a lot of cultural shocks. To be prepared, you should learn about cultural norms, people, major tourist attractions, the most visited places, as well as the historical and cultural significance of the places, such as temples. India is full of interesting stories of empires, lovers, freedom fighters, and many more. Once you know what the country is all about and what it stands for, it is inevitable to fall in love with its essence. There are many fascinating relics and sites like the edifices of Khajuraho that speak for the glorious history of the country. If you are planning on taking public transportation, study the public transportation systems of the cities you will be visiting, so that when you can book cab, when a train is more reasonable, and when a car is a good option.

Carry the print of your documents

Whether flying or staying at a hotel, print out all the itinerary details. Don’t wait for the last-minute mentions. You should be ready for any emergency. There are many faces in the country with a poor network connection and you don’t want it to affect your peaceful tour. So, get a hard copy of all documents, especially your credit card, visa details. You should check the PNR before boarding a train to know where the train is located.

Mind what you eat

When it comes to culinary pleasure, India undoubtedly tops the list. There are some immensely tasty cuisines that you are going to love. However, some food items in India are so spicy and greasy that they might be too much for your digestion. It’s always a good idea to experiment but eat healthily at the same time to prevent getting sick on a foreign trip. It is best to avoid drinking tap water and eating at restaurants with questionable hygiene standards.

Beware of scams

This is something you should always be mindful of while in India. Tourist attractions like these are filled with scammers looking to take advantage of gullible tourists. Keep an eye out for them and avoid talking to everyone who comes up to you. In order to avoid being overcharged or cheated, it’s best to always have someone who can act as your guide. Also, ensure your stay at a reputable hotels so that you can safely travel around without worrying much.

Download local apps

Download apps like make my trip, uber, ola, zomato, big basket that can avail cheap flights, accommodation, etc, and make your life much easier in the country. As easy as a tap of the finger, you can access several services.