Ten Helpful Tips for The First Time Visitor to Phuket


When visiting a new place or country is important to a certain extent that you understand where you are going. Being aware of local customs, culture, and sometimes even the weather will help you avoid all sorts of problems and potentially embarrassing mistakes. As Thailand’s largest island, Phuket is a very popular holiday destination with travellers arriving from across the world to enjoy its perfect beaches, great weather, friendly people, and tasty cuisine. This short piece will provide you with some helpful do’s and don’ts so that you are fully able to enjoy your Phuket vacation package.

1, Pack sensibly – Thailand is quite a conservative and religious country where large amounts of bare skin are frowned upon anywhere but the beach. Do pack some sensible clothes, especially if you are planning on visiting some of the amazing temples.

2, Invest in Sun protection before leaving – sunburn is a real issue when holidaying in Thailand, and suncream is often expensive, so buy before you leave. Wearing a hat with a wide brim while you are there is also a good idea.

3, Respect the ocean – take care when swimming and undertaking any of the many water sports on offer; the tidal seas around the island are an unforgiving place in the wrong situation.

4, Avoid Souvenir Overload – it is easy to buy plenty of inexpensive souvenirs in Phuket; they all look great but getting a traditional Thai triangular cushion into an already full suitcase is no joke.

5, Don’t get attached to the first beach you see – the island has many beautiful beaches, but the first one will look amazing; still, try to see as many as possible.

6, Beware the Cheap Moped – rental transport is a double-edged sword; it can look fun, get you around and is normally fairly cheap but comes with pitfalls, so be aware and check the vehicle thoroughly if possible.

7, Respect the local religious values – as previously mentioned, certain dress standards are required, especially when visiting the stunning Buddhist temples; shirts with sleeves and knee-length shorts or skirts are the minimum.

8, Don’t miss out on the full experience – sunset and sunrises seen from some of the islands viewing points are stunning, so plan ahead to get the best enjoyment from your stay in Phuket.

9, Research Your Animal Attractions – this is less of an issue than in previous times but not all attractions featuring endangered species are ethically run; if unsure, check online reviews before visiting.

10, Death by Pad Thai – it is easy to pick up a dangerous noodle addiction as this tasty Thai treat is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This a light-hearted one to finish, but if you want to experience the best cuisine Thailand has to offer, speak with other tourists and locals for the best place to eat.

The island of Phuket is a fantastic place to experience everything Thailand has to offer, and with these helpful tips, you are sure to have a great time while you explore the beautiful island.