Facts About Private Jet Card Membership Program


Nothing beats traveling abroad with a private plane when it comes to convenience, privacy, simplicity, and efficiency. Passengers arrive at the airport and guide themselves to the aircraft as the crew loads their belongings, keeping everything private and confidential.

So, what is the best way to access these benefits? Read on for more.

According to conventional wisdom, owning a private jet only makes sense financially when owners fly 35o hours and above annually. Luckily, the aviation industry provides numerous alternatives to access private aircraft.

Most of these options have a lower entry restriction and common complexities characterized by outright ownership. Learn more about one of the common options-private jet monthly ownership program in this post.

What Is A Private Jet Card Membership Program?

This is a pre-paid membership program allowing people to fly aboard a private jet at a fixed rate. It is an alternative to the conventional on-demand private jet charter.

For less frequent travelers, joining a private jet monthly membership program offers the best rates for entry. It doesn’t need one to commit to a long-term financial saving or investment or aircraft leasing program.

With this program, users can subscribe to membership and start paying annual dues, mainly for a minimum period of one year. Registered members can buy flight times through the company’s fleet and pay only for the time used at an affordable rate.

Costs of a Jet Card

Since more than 250 programs are providing this service, there is a significant variation in prices. Usually, these programs are paid hourly with an allowed increment of 25 hours. This means that the most affordable package will be a 25-hour card. However, down payments can range between $15,000 to $1 million.

Also, prices will vary depending on the type of aircraft a user chooses to fly on. For instance, the prices of using a large jet are much higher than using a turboprop or piston aircraft.

Benefits of Purchasing a Jet Card

The main benefit of subscribing to a jet card program is the guarantee of getting an aircraft. So, even when the price of on-demand charter planes is the same or cheaper, there is a surety that an aircraft is available for the required mission.

The common problem with on-demand charter planes is that people pay for a specific aircraft. If the plane is canceled due to issues like mechanical breakdown, it can be hard to get a replacement.

Operators and brokers can guarantee that an aircraft is available on-demand, even on peak hours with a private jet monthly membership program. Also, the program comes with a guaranteed price; people are informed in advance about the fees they’ll pay.

Finally, it allows people to pay only for the time spent on air, meaning it can be ideal for one-way travelers. Note that these are blanket benefits covering all the programs, but each has its own set of benefits.


Flying on a private plane has a lot of benefits ranging from privacy, efficiency, and convenience. To ensure people afford and enjoy these benefits, various aviation companies introduced programs that allow them to access private jet travels, like private jet monthly membership programs.

This program offers the best entry value for users. It allows them on an hourly basis giving convenience to one-way travelers. It also guarantees aircraft availability as compared to on-demand chartered planes.