Are Return Flights Cheaper? Find Out


Are round-trip flights really cheap as they are often touted to be. Keep reading to find out this and some other ways to save money.

Travellers are often advised to book a round-trip or return flight to bring down their travel cost. While sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. So, what should travellers do. Let’s find out. But before that, let’s understand what round-trip flights are.

What are Return Flights?

Return flights are two-way flights from the same airline or the same website booked together. Thus, when you are booking a flight online, you are usually asked for a departure date and return date. While you may opt to just book a one-way flight, booking two-way flights may offer you some benefits.

Difference between one-way flights and Return Flights?

The main difference between a two-way and one-way flight is in the PNR number. In a two-way flight, you will have one PNR number that will work throughout your travel. However, if you book two one-way tickets individually, you will get two PNRs, one for each journey.

Why are Return Flights Cheaper?

Return tickets are known to be cheaper compared to one-way fares. There are many reasons for this. When flight booking websites get your booking for both the journeys together, they fill their flight quota quicker, which helps them drive the prices up later. Moreover, airlines prefer round-trip passengers over one-way flyers as it helps them schedule their flights more efficiently.

Cons of Booking Return Flights

While return flights are usually touted to be cheap and affordable, they do come with some cons as well, such as;

  • They’re not always the Cheapest: While the option may look cheap, flight pricing is quite dynamic and keeps changing. When you are booking a return ticket, you book in advance. However, you may get a cheaper ticket when you book some other day or change your travel dates.
  • Rigid Travel Dates: When you have booked a round trip, you can do little to change the itinerary. If you do, you stand a chance to lose a big chunk of your money on cancellation and change in itinerary fee.
  • The Return Flight Has to Be booked in Advance: Not everyone can plan their travel in advance and to the T. With a round-trip flight, you have to book the return flight in advance, which requires you to chalk out your travel plans clearly.

While round-trip flights might offer you cheap rates, it is essential to consider the pros and cons before making the booking. Whether you are looking for Delhi to Bangalore, Mumbai to London or Pune to Hyderabad return flights, compare the final cost of round-trip flights vs two one-way tickets separately to make a choice.

Some Other Ways of Making your Flights Cheaper

One of the biggest reasons people choose to book a return flight is to save money. However, it is not always the cheapest option. Thus, if saving money is your priority, there are a few other ways to help you do that.

  • Book in Advance: The earlier you book, the better your chances of grabbing tickets at good prices.
  • Join a Mile Program: Air mile program grant you miles every time you book a ticket through them, which you can later redeem for air tickets and other benefits.
  • Be Flexible: Being flexible with your travel plan can help you find better deals.

While round-trip flights can surely be cheap, they do offer some cons too. Moreover, not always are they the most affordable option. The best thing to do as a traveller is to compare prices and choose an option that best suits your travel needs. With high cancellation charges and fee involved, it is essential to be sure of your travel plans before booking your tickets.