5 Must-Try Dishes in Kerala


Foods are an integrated part of a trip. Until your stomach is not satisfied enough, you can not enjoy your precious moments during your travels. Kerala is situated in southwest India and is famous for the excellent majesty of nature it consists of. The heavenly beauty has made the state renowned as “God’s own country.” The place is famous for its iconic dishes too. Various veg and non-veg items are very popular among visitors. Also, the state contains some excellent restaurants that provide you with a luxurious feel and the tastiest foods.

This article explains the best dishes in Kerala and the restaurants serving them.

Kerala prawn curry (chemmeen curry)

Mixed prawns with fenugreek, green chili, coconut milk, and brindle berry make the dish a sour Malabar vibe. It is a signature dish in Kerala and one of the Malayalis’ favorite regional foods. Once you visit Kerala, you must try it. Cape Comorin, Nombili – The Restaurant (by The LaLiT), Shalimar Restaurant, and Paris Presidency Restaurant are some of the best restaurants in Kerala, serving you Kerala Prawn Curry.

Palada Payasam (dessert)

Palada Payasam is available in every region of Kerala. It is a sweet dish with a great flavor. If you are a sweet-lover, you must love it. The main ingredient of Palada Payasam is palada or rice ada. It is made in every household in Kerala.

Puttu and kadala curry

Puttu and kadala curry is a staple food in Kerala that is taken as breakfast. The rice is cooked/steamed in a grated coconut mold. It is generally served with Kadala curry, which is delicious too. Kadala curry comprises black chickpeas, spices, shallots, and coconut milk. Sometimes grated coconut and ripe bananas are also added.

Malabar Parotta

Malabar Parotta is an admired dish in Kerala served with various items like Malabar Chicken, Kerala Beef Curry, Chicken Stew, etc. It is made of flour, egg, oil, water, ghee, and in some cases, egg. The dough is shaped spirally after beating properly. Almost all the famous restaurants in Kerala have that dish on their menu. If you stay in some resort, you may like to have Malabar Parotta. The LaLiT Resort & Spa Bekal is a Kerala Spa resort where you can experience the tastiest foods (Malabar Parotta) and spa services.

Karimeen pollichathu (fish)

Karimeen pollichathu is a traditional and popular non-veg dish in Kerala. Karimeen is a regional name for pearl spot fish. Also some other fishes like pomfret fish (Silver pomfret), Mackerel. The recipe will then be called Meen Pollichathu. The fish is mixed with lemon juice, red chilies, and other ingredients and spices and baked & served wrapped with banana leaves. The recipe has a unique taste which makes it so popular and admired.

If you are visiting, do not miss out on these recipes. Also, if you are visiting Kerala, do not forget to book the best and most luxurious resorts to experience the best out of place. Bekal, Kovalam, Mullur, etc., are some of the famous places that have resorts. The LaLiT Resort & Spa Bekal is the best among the Bekal resorts. Taj Green Cove Resort & Spa, Kumarakom Lake Resort, and Vythiri Village Resort are some popular resorts in Kerala.